Elisa Giudici

Founder of Remotepreneur.com

Elisa is a serial remote entrepreneur, with 2x exit, who gained the title of “Remote Business Lady”.

After many years of being a remote entrepreneur and managing her remote team, she founded Remotepreneur, the mastermind for Remote Entrepreneur.

She created her first online business when she was 15, and she never stopped to enjoy working remotely.

Today, she invests in startups, mentor young women entrepreneurs at the Cherie Blair Foundation, and she has the honor to be the CEO of Expanse, the global summit for impact investing in tech.

The Mindset, The Skills and The Tools to Work Happy and Successfully Remotely

Having been an entrepreneur since the age of 15 Elisa has mastered the remote work mindset. She believes that successful remote leadership requires similar skillset to that of an entrepreneur. She will share stories surrounding the skills and tools every remote worker needs to master to be efficient and productive with no office.

In this session,  you will learn:

  • The Remote Working Mindset
  • How the Remote Working System works
  • The skills and tools you need to master while working remotely
  • How to be efficient and productive with no office
  • The best way to work in a remote team

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