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Let's celebrate the marriage of agile and remote work. Shall we?

Agile is the future of software development. New software development frameworks will certainly be created, but agile values and principles are here to stay. 

Remote work is the future of work! More and more people who can do their job on a computer are working remotely to be more productive and happier.

Now raise your glass of champaign, wine, coffee, tea, milk or water and let us acknowledge this happy marriage. 

Only you can help these two live happily ever after by the everyday actions that you take. To learn ALL the skills you need to succeed in a distributed agile organization, grab a Premium Access Pass so you don't miss out on anything.

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What do I get with a 
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Tune in on your
own schedule

You get access to all the previously streamed sessions at your own time.

Even when the summit ends, you still have access to all the sessions for at least one year and can refer to them at your own convenience. 

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You get the possibility of having one-to-one and group coaching sessions with some of the summit speakers.

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Many of the speakers at this summit have authored books that are packed with information that can help you become a better leader for your remote teams. By getting the Premium Access Pass, you get access to plenty of their books, guides and cheat sheets.

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With a Premium Access Pass, you will get an invitation to join the Remote Forever VIP club, a community of like-minded people who are all passionate about remote work in the world of agile.

You will be invited to our monthly virtual coffee calls and you will get instant response on your questions from Molood and other members of this club. All our future trainings will be made available to the VIP club before public launch.

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We will have a special training for Premium Access Pass holders on how to write, publish and market your own book to help the agile community grow and make your voice heard above and beyond conferences.

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The Summit All-Access Pass Includes…

Video sessions
(seminars AND interviews)
20+ hours… $597 value

Many gifts and bonuses and live Q&A with some speakers
$397 value

What You'll Learn..

    • Individual skills every person who works in a distributed organization should develop in order to be successful.
    • Leadership and coaching skills for facilitating remote agile meeting and scrum ceremonies.
    • How to make decisions as an executive so the people in your charge would great products and services
    • Effective techniques and tools that would help you have more productive agile remote teams i.e. estimation, retrospectives, pair-programming, etc.
    • How to improve happiness in your entire organization regardless of your job title.
  • Distributed agile model and how you can respond to different kinds of distribution from offshoring to fully remote teams.
  • How to overcome the most common challenges of working in remote agile teams in different roles.​​​
  • How to think about people and code in order to create high quality products.  and take advantage of automation all the way to continuous delivery.
  • Last but not the least sociocracy 3.0, how it fits into the agile mindset and how it can help any agile distributed organization to get results.

Get access to a private Q&A with me after the summit

Molood. N. Alavijeh

I will host one live session for all summit attendees after the summit is over. In order to give you as much value as I can, I will facilitate the session and will respond to as many of your questions as I can.

If you have a question for a specific speaker, I will gladly follow up with that speaker and come back to you personally and give you the answer personally in the VIP club. Some of the speakers will also be active in the VIP club. By getting a Premium Access Pass, you get a chance of asking questions from them directly. 


…for only $597

100% Money Back Guarantee

No Questions Asked, No Hassles, No Problems!

100% Money Back Guarantee

Your Premium Access Pass to the Remote Forever Summit comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you don’t love it, get your money back within 30 days. Guaranteed.

If you do not love this summit or get no value from it, you can contact our support team and get your money back, no questions asked. 

We have done our best to create a summit that can not only inspire you but also give you the practical skills and knowledge you need in order to succeed as a leader in a distributed organization or as a remote worker in an agile team. If you apply the skills you learn in this summit, you are very likely to make an impact on the teams you are a part of. This however, is no guarantee that by learning the techniques alone, you can magically change the world (or an organization). Any change that has to deal with human behavior takes time and requires patience and skills. 

We believe that the content of this summit will guide you to become aware of the proven solutions to some of the most common challenges that most coaches, managers and developers face in distributed agile teams and companies. If you learn something new, by being a Premium Access Pass holder, you get to become a member of our VIP club where you can get additional help from the rest of the members who would help you succeed.

If after you go through all the sessions, you realize that this summit has not taught you anything at all, get in touch with us and we will return your money, no questions asked.

You can always write to us to

Where will you be in 3 months?
6 months? 1 year?

Continously stay motivated

When you go to a regular conference, you often return to your daily work inspired and full of new ideas. But soon after you go back to your regular routines, the inspiration fades away. 

The Premium Access Pass to Remote Forever Summit gives you a chance to re-watch the sessions that inspired you the most even after the summit is over. You can return to those seminars and interviews that lit a fire in you and go back to your remote teams with new tools, ideas and a whole lot of motivation.

Continously improve your skills

By accessing the VIP club and becoming a member of our community, you get feedback on your ideas, share your experiments with the rest of us and get access to opportunities that you may have not had before attending this summit.

By sharing your work and showing the amazing results you have gotten in your remote teams, you might even get a chance of becoming one of the speakers at our next summit. 


…for only $597

100% Money Back Guarantee

No Questions Asked, No Hassles, No Problems!

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