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5-11 November 2018 

Location: Online (wherever you are)

World class experts in agile, leadership and remote work share their best strategies and techniques to help you sharpen your agile coaching skills, become a better leader and get equipped to improve your remote teams and distributed organizations.

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Following the success of Remote Forever Summit last year, we have once again brought together 22 of the world’s most influential leaders of agile who have years of experience with remote work. They are here to share their experience and knowledge with you so that you can learn how to bring agility to your distributed teams and organizations in any role you have.

This hand picked group of speakers will show you how to apply new mindsets, skills and techniques to improve any distributed organization you work at and make a lasting impact on the remote teams you coach and lead.

Remote Forever Summit 2018 specials:

Live interactive sessions

where you can interact directly with the speakers  and have your questions answered directly by the speaker.

There will also be pre-recorded seminars and interviews to accommodate your various learning styles.

Virtual open space day (AKA unconference)

A day of virtual open space and break out discussions of your choice facilitated by one of the most experienced online facilitators in the world.

This experience will most likely be like nothing you have had before.

Extra master classes and workshops

One full day of online workshops on several different topics you can chose from.

You can deepen your knowledge and learn directly from your favorite speakers thorough hands-on exercises.

Remote Forever Summit is an exclusive online event that is broken down into the following three easy-to-follow tracks to help you get the exact information you need in your situation.

Agile practices in distributed teams

Learn new methods and techniques to collaborate more effectively in a remote team. Learn to become a more effective scrum master or team member by applying good old XP practices such as mob-programming when working remotely and get an intro to engineering practices for distributed team.

Distributed product management 

Learn how to become a better product owner as well as how to help your product owner when your team is distributed.

Learn from some of the best minds in product management and product ownership how to create more predictability in your product plan, how to work with product owners and  stakeholders in different locations.

Agile business in distributed organizations 

Learn the mindset and gain the skillset you need to create a truly agile business when your organization is distributed across several locations. Learn how you - in your current role - can adopt good practices of agile HR; and learn from successful remote leaders to create transparent governance that motivates people in your distributed organizations to self-organize and take responsibility.

Meet the experts you’ll be learning from in
Remote Forever Summit

Shannon Ewan

Managing Director of ICAgile

Arie Van Bennekum

Co author of the Agile Manifesto and thought leader at Wemanity


Henrik Kniberg

Human - Author of "Scrum/XP from the Trenches" and other books.


Geoff Watts

Agile & Leadership Coach, Author

Pia-Maria Thorén

Inspiration Director and Agile People Coach, author of Agile People and Agile HR thought leader

Mark Killby

Agile coach and author

Judy Rees

Remote Collaborationist

Gordon Mullan 

Lead BA (EPAM), and founder of Effective Remote Relationships

Morgan Legge

HR Champion at

Christopher Avery
The Responsibility Process ® Guy

Cynthia Rich

Sr. Manager of Training at Github

Joshua Kerievsky

Creator of Modern Agile
and CEO of Industrial Logic

Johanna Rothman

Author and Consultant

Mark Van Der Heijden

CEO/Co-founder of Wanderbrief

Patty Golsteijn

Miss Cut The Crap
Creator of the largest Virtual Assistant Network in The Netherlands

Daniel Zacarias

Product consultant and Founder at Underway

Richard Kasperowski

Richard Kasperowski

High-performance Teams | Core Protocols | Open Space | lecturer of Agile Software Development at Harvard University

Evan Leybourn

Founder of the Business Agility Institute

Freek Ronner

Corporate Rebel

Christian Delez

Greatness Jedi

Hear first hand experience of these agile remote workers at Remote Forever Summit

Heidi Araya

Director of Enterprise Agile Transformation
Designing Responsive Organizations

Zigmars Rozentals

Digital Product Management Expert


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What makes this Summit Unique?


Remote Forever Summit is completely online. You don't have to travel anywhere or even think about the cost and complication of booking a flight or accommodation to attend this summit.

No travel is required.

Even the speakers you'll be learning from are each located in a different part of the world. And you probably won't find them in one place anywhere but here in Remote Forever Summit.

If you have been challenged with helping your remote team or distributed organization become agile, this summit is your chance to learn proven techniques, strategies and tools from the industry's top minds.

You will be guided step-by-step to work agile remotely!

They will give you new mindsets, tools and techniques that can help you become better at your role in any distributed organization. You will receive check lists, cheat sheets, guides, books and coaching. You will become equipped with new ideas and methods to make a bigger impact on the agile journey of any companies you are a part of.

You can attend all the sessions on any device from the comfort of your home, your office or even while commuting or traveling. You do not need to install any additional software to join the seminars, yet you will get to see demos and get hands-on experience with a few new tools that can make your remote communication better.

Connect to likeminded people from any device. 

You will be able to network with a global community of people all around the world who are facing similar challenges during the summit. This community continues to collaborate long after the conference ends. And you will not find such open, transparent and remote-aware agilists anywhere else. 

Why you should attend this summit:

1. You will get to access a collection of seminars all in one place. You do not need to choose which seminar to miss in order to attend another one. Everything will be available to you in a timely manner so that you can adjust your daily schedule to attend all of them.

2. You will connect to like-minded people from all around the world who have similar challenges as you do with bringing agile and remote work together; and you will be able to learn from their experiences and share yours with them and stay connected with them and continue this learning and sharing long after the summit ends.

3. You will learn from actual real life experiences of some of the most influential people in the world agile and remote work. These speakers share their best secrets on how they have successfully brought agile to their remote teams. Remote Forever Summit is not about inspiration and theory, it's about practical knowledge.

Here is what previous attendees have said about the summit:


I have really loved this summit, the experience, the ability to watch 'remotely', quick rapid responses from the team organizing this and a wonderful variety of panel speakers (all masters in their own right in Agile areas), and surely a great group of folks engaging in the community. I have a feeling of nostalgia as this summit is closing, but I’m excited to stay connected with everyone afterwards. Molood and everyone who's made this happen, or who's been part of this journey - a big thank you!

Honey Varma

 Agile Coach and Trainer at Deloitte 

-- Washington D.C. - USA


Thank you so much for organizing this!  I'm excited that someone is addressing the huge elephant in the room: how to be a successful Agilist leading distributed teams.

Jennifer McVicker

Program Manager
-- Brentwood, CA - USA


I've talked to some of the team members privately during the summit. Thanks - again - to the whole team for making Remote Forever Summit. I'm pleasantly surprised how smooth and well it works so far for us consumers.”

Hannes Brandstätter-Müller

/ Software Architect 

-- Austria


I’ve been popping in and out due to my work schedule. However, every time I jump in, I’m pleasantly surprised at the quality of content and delivery. It’s like you have an army of support staff working behind the scenes! Thank you, all the organizers.

Ahmed Avais

 Business Agility, Agile Fluency, Lean-Agile Coach

gile Coach and Trainer 

-- Chicago - USA


Thank you for organizing an amazing summit - It's been so educational, motivating, inspiring to hear each of the different speakers share great material, actionable steps that it was easy to get up early in the morning in the PST timezone to hear the sessions. Every session was awesome, but my favorite was the Core Protocol as I really enjoyed learning practical steps to create Psychological Safety to build a High Performing Team.

Hooman Hodjat

Head of IoT Products & Operations

-- Brentwood, CA - USA


The summit exceeded my expectations. I have heard some inspiring speakers. The level of interviews and talks was ranging from medium to super high. One thing that was very special was the lively discussions on the community, both during and after the talks. I really enjoyed that! It made a difference for me to communicate directly with the other attendees and in some cases also the speakers.

Poul Mejlsted

/ Scrum Master at SimCorp

-- Denmark


You can get access for FREE (for a limited time)!

Gifts & Bonuses for Everyone Who Attends

Attend this summit and you’ll get the possibility of getting a digital goodie bag full of...

Books, cheatsheets and guides

If you are like the most successful people in the world, you never want to stop learning. Some of our speakers will be offering the books they have authored to the attendees of this summit FOR FREE! 

One-to-one and group coaching

You have the opportunity to get one-to-one coaching on your specific problems with some of the speakers of this summit. We will also have special sessions with some speakers where you can ask your questions live and get personal help from speakers and attendees.

Meet your host, Molood.

Molood Noori Alavijeh

is your host at Remote Forever Summit, the first summit of its kind for agile coaches, managers and developers in geographically distributed teams who want to bring agility to their organizations.

After interviewing hundreds of people who work remotely, she is convinced that remote work is the future of work. With Remote Forever Summit, she is on a mission to empower remote worker agilists like YOU to think differently about remote work and agile so that you can grow personally and professionally through learning practical skills and techniques you can leverage to lead and coach your distributed teams and organizations from an entirely new perspective.

Molood thinks that YOU deserve to experience the freedom and happiness in your work and since you are here reading this, you are capable of learning the skills required to create environments where your colleagues experience the same.

Molood has been working as an agile coach for several years and has successfully helped her clients bring agile to their distributed teams and organizations. She helps executives, managers, coaches and developers in distributed companies not only to transform to agile ways of working (and thinking), but also to adopt proven techniques of high performing remote teams in order to increase their productivity and happiness even if they are colocated. She mostly works remotely, but also takes on office-bound assignments from time to time to keep informed about the challenges in the trenches and help clients move forward.

Molood is the founder of Remote Forever (and Remote Forever Summit) and also is one of the co-owners of Management 3.0, a company with a vision that aligns with hers. She has recently published a book on the topic of bringing remote work to the world of agile. Some of her writings have been featured on Huffington Post and, Scrum Alliance, Agile Women magazine and Happy Melly.


The best part is you can get access for FREE (for a limited time)!

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