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The tech and behaviours you need to build rapport remotely

Thursday, November 5, 2020, 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm CEST 

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Despite over half a year of an enforced "work from home" experiment, far too many people are still inadvertently turning their audience off when they speak to them. Poor audio, distracting background noises, laggy and grainy video, unflattering camera angles, dodgy virtual backgrounds - the list goes on.

For speakers or trainers, many are suffering a massive loss of connection to their audience. They are feeling like they’re talking to an empty room, being reduced to a disembodied voice or small thumbnail, only being able to see your slides and not the people on the call, and loss of being able to collaborate, brainstorm and engage your attendees.

Even in seemingly simple one-to-one conversations, building rapport techniques that we've learned in physically present conversations can have the completely opposite effect.

In this session, Gordon will take you through the most common mistakes he sees and how to fix them. Some require the right kit - some just require awareness and adjusting what you do. You'll get specific recommendations and practical tips that you can apply to ANY remote conversation to improve your presence and make every conversation with you a pleasure, not a headache.

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Gordon Mullan

Gordon Mullan, Founder of Effective Remote Relationships, has spent many years collaborating with remote and distributed teams as a business analyst. He's now teaching all the skills that he used there for rapidly building rapport and trust to entrepreneurs and speakers, so they can connect, inspire, sell and build relationships across the globe.
As a speaker, coach, trainer, and with his own YouTube channel, Gordon is passionate about creating Effective Remote Relationships, making sure you and your message are seen AND heard clearly, wherever you're speaking to your audience from.

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About Remote Forever Summit

Remote Forever Summit is a 6-day online event that begins on November 11, 2020. Here agile professionals gather and share their advice and experience about working in an agile way in distributed teams. Several top professionals in agile and remote work have already confirmed to speak at the event.

The summit will consist of three key areas:

  • Remote working in agile for the individuals
  • Distributed teams and remote leadership
  • Scaling agile in distributed organizations

These areas will be addressed in inspiring educational and memorable keynotes. There will be a live panel discussion with multiple experts and a full day open space. Additionally, every day will include online opportunities for networking and discussions for speakers and attendees.
The first Remote Forever Summit took place in 2017 as the very first of its kind in the agile world. 2020 marks the fourth anniversary of this high energy engaging event. Learn more and get your FREE ticket at
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