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How To Land The Remote Job of Your Dreams

Thursday, October 15, 2020, 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm CEST 

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Is it your dream to work remotely and be able to travel or live anywhere in the world while still making an income? Fabrizia Zanca, a remote work advocate and coach, will share with you how to make that happen.

This FREE webinar is for you if you:

  • Feel like you cannot find the right remote job for you, based on your location, interests, and industry.
  • You only happen to find jobs that require you to have a VISA.
  • Are not tech-savvy, and you only manage to find jobs for designers and developers and IT experts.
  • Have come across so many scams that you no longer trust that you can find a well-paid remote opportunity.

    If you have been struggling with any of these challenges, Fabrizia Zanca has the knowledge and experience to help you. During her webinar, she will teach you new strategies to implement TODAY to access hundreds of remote work opportunities!

This webinar will give you the basics on how to be successful in your Remote Job Search. We will discuss:
How to understand which skills you are missing to land your dream job and how to uplevel those skills.
How to optimize your job search based on your location, the industry you love and the expertise you already possess.
How to stand out as a candidate to get land job interviews.

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Fabrizia Zanca

Fabrizia Zanca is a Remote Work Advocate and Remote Career Coach.

She has helped hundreds of remote job seekers with dealing with the frustration of searching for remote jobs, building self-confidence, understanding which path to take to land their remote job by leveraging transferable hard and soft skills, advising on where to look for remote jobs, teaching how to write a resume and motivation letter that stands out, and showing how to ace the interviews with remote companies.

This webinar is brought to you by Remote Forever Summit.

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About Remote Forever Summit

Remote Forever Summit is a 6-day online event that begins on November 11, 2020. Here agile professionals gather and share their advice and experience about working in an agile way in distributed teams. Several top professionals in agile and remote work have already confirmed to speak at the event.

The summit will consist of three key areas:

  • Remote working in agile for the individuals
  • Distributed teams and remote leadership
  • Scaling agile in distributed organizations

These areas will be addressed in inspiring educational and memorable keynotes. There will be a live panel discussion with multiple experts and a full day open space. Additionally, every day will include online opportunities for networking and discussions for speakers and attendees.
The first Remote Forever Summit took place in 2017 as the very first of its kind in the agile world. 2020 marks the fourth anniversary of this high energy engaging event. Learn more and get your FREE ticket at
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