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Patty Golsteijn

Miss Cut The Crap

Patty started out as a self-employed professional in 2010. She became a Virtual Assistant quickly after that.

Her business was so successful she hired 4 VAs to do the work for her. She then quit the business as she found out she wanted to teach people how to work smarter.

In 2017, she launched a Dutch platform where entrepreneurs and companies can find the right VA for them.

Patty is also known as Miss Cut The Crap, teaching other self-employed professionals how to cut the crap in their business and life.

How to work with a Virtual Assistant

In this session you will learn…

  • What it is like to work with a Virtual Assistant and the similarities of working with off-shore agile teams
  • What does a remote worker need from their employers in order to do a great job
  • Skills you need to learn and mindsets you need to take on if you want to be a good leader for your remote team members
  • You can and should have a virtual assistant too especially if you are working as a freelancer

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