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Christian Delez

Greatness Jedi

Christian Délez is passionate about team dynamics and culture design.

He loves trying new human interactions patterns to bring happiness for each individual in families, relationships and at work. Christian works as an agile project leader and coach in a big Swiss company (RUAG) where he implements new work patterns for more wholeness and purpose.

Christian is a co-founder of the Greatness Guild, the Swiss Association for Responsive Organisations and Teal Camp. He volunteers in Happy Melly. He organizes and facilitates Responsive Org Swiss local meetups Bern, Biel and Romandie.

He likes to discuss parenting challenges and between generations communication challenges.

Prime your remote teams for trust, turn on creativity

In this session you will learn…

  • The fundamentals of psychologically safety
  • check
    How to take the first steps to create trust in your team
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    Exercises to unleash your team members’ creativity
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    How to maintain a psychologically safe environment in your team

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