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Daniel Zacarias

Product consultant and Founder at Underway

Hi, I’m Daniel Zacarias, a Product Management consultant based in Lisbon.

Creating software products is all about working for (and with) other people, making it endlessly fun, but also immensely hard.

We're the cog that drives the process of creating value for our users by constantly communicating with stakeholders, to make sure the right things get shipped. When we add a remote dimension to this role, everything gets even harder.

It's a tough problem, but one that I'm focused on solving, through my consulting work and the product I've recently launched: Underway.

Effective internal product communication

In this session you will learn…

  • A decision model for product owners to make better decisions about priorities
  • How to make sure you are addressing all stakeholders, and your teams in a good way
  • A model to help you choose the right tool for communicating different information to different stakeholders
  • A new way to think as a product owner, so you will never blame a tool again

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