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Evan Leybourn

Founder of the Business Agility Institute

Evan is the Founder and CEO of the Business Agility Institute; an international membership body to both champion and support the next-generation of organisations. Companies that are agile, innovative and dynamic - perfectly designed to thrive in today’s unpredictable markets.

His experience while holding senior leadership and board positions in both private industry and government has driven his work in business agility and he regularly speaks on these topics at local and international industry conferences.

As well as leading the Business Agility Institute, Evan is also the author of Directing the Agile Organisation and #noprojects; a Culture of Continuous Value.

Certain Uncertainty

In this session you will learn…

  • The organizational structure that must be in place to survives in an uncertain market
  • The mindsets you need to set up your distributed agile transformation for success
  • What are noprojects and how to fund them as a better way of creating agility
  • Adaptive portfolios: how executives can create agility at the highest level of an organization

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