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​Mark van der Heijden

CEO/Co-founder of Wanderbrief

After working in the ad industry for 7 years, Mark van der Heijden tossed his life into a backpack and embarked on a world trip to work at 32 companies in 27 countries on all 7 continents.

Now, as the CEO of Wanderbrief, he is sharing that passion with thousands of Digital Nomads around the world. Wanderbrief's mission is to give everyone on the planet the freedom to travel the world while working remotely.

How To Bring A Remote Community Together

In this session you will hear the story of Mark's lifestyle…

  • How Mark travelled the world for two years without making money
  • Who are remote workers and what do they really care about?
  • check
    The community that Mark has founded and the future of remote work
  • Learnings from going location independent

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