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Morgan Legge

HR Champion

Morgan is the engine that keeps a 35 person, multilingual, 11 timezone, non-hierarchical team running smoothly.


During her time at, she’s transitioned the team onto management via Holacracy; implemented a progressive employee perks program; and built an in-sync, accepting, and enthusiastic company culture in an async, fully remote, fast-paced, work environment.

With 20 years of experience in team and project management, and a lifetime of experience in “making challenging things work”—Morgan’s become an advocate for building remote teams that work together, work for the greater good, and are excited “show up” to work in the first place.

4 keys to successful onboarding in remote teams

In this session you will learn…

  • What to do in order to have a successful onboarding of remote workers 
  • The important role of people with leadership and HR skills in creating agility
  • How to create a resilient culture for a remote organization
  • What exactly you can do on the onboarding day to set up your team and your new remote team members for success.

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