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Zigmars Rozentals

Digital Product Management Expert

Zigmars Rozentals is a Product Owner with over 10 years of experience of digital product management, project management and Scrum Mastering.

Working with global brands across the world, he knows what it takes to lead a distributed team in many time zones and delivering results on time and within budget.

With a strategic mindset and entrepreneurial flair, he has coordinated and delivered countless major digital products and services for noticeable key clients including brands like Land Rover Jaguar, JetBlue airlines, JYSK and many more.

Working remotely Product Owner needs a special mindset, tools and methods. If implemented successfully, much better results are possible and productivity for the team can be increased many times.

Tips for Leading Agile Remote Teams

In this session you will learn…

  • How can a remote Product Owner really do their job well
  • How to overcome the challenging situations that product owners of distributed teams face.
  • The importance of having a strategic mindset and entrepreneurial flair ​for any remote PO.
  • How to measure success and how to make sure your team is developing the right things

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