Aurel Lazar

Software Engineer at ImmersedVR


Aurel Lazar is a software engineer from Bellevue, WA. He spent 7 years working on Microsoft Office, watching and being part of the gradual adoption of agile methodology to a company that formerly used slow and rare releases every few years. During that time, he worked on his own independent video game studio, collaborating remotely with partners and contractors. Today, he is passionate about the possibilities of remote collaboration, and is working at Immersed - a Virtual Reality startup seeking to envision the future of work. He imagines a world where he can live anywhere with an internet connection and still be able to be a productive and collaborative employee. 

Working Together: Past, Present, and Future

What you will learn in this session:

In this session you will see how working in VR feels and looks like.
The session starts with a brief look at how working together with others has developed over time, how existing methods and tools that people use today help us to collaborate remotely,
and how the new developments in technology and specifically virtual reality are going to affect the way humans work remotely in the future. You will see a demo of what that future might look like.

Join this session to get a taste of the future.

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