Christian Roth

CIO of Telenor Sweden

Christian has been part of the Telenor Sweden family for ten years now. He actually started as a trainee and went on to different roles within Marketing, working with the company's customer offerings and products.

Before he was appointed CIO, he held the role as Head of Transformation in Telenor. The overall purpose with that role and Telenor's business transformation is to change how the company operates and to digitalize the company's business model.

Christian believes that Telenor is and has always been good at change and that this will continue going forward: "As long as you work at Telenor, change will be a constant factor. It might not always be as clear as the sun what will happen next, but I like it when everything is a bit uncertain. I also believe that this is the time when you will have the biggest opportunity to affect the outcome."

Agile transformation in a large distributed telecom company

What you will learn in this session:

Bringing together the siloed functions is one of the toughest challenges of any large-scale agile transformation.

In this talk you will learn how a large distributed company with a lot of legacy systems and processes and vastly decoupled business functions has overcome these challenges to successfully transform to agile ways of working.

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