Mia Kolmodin

Enterprise Agile Coach & Founder @ Dandy People

Mia Kolmodin has a background from UX and, design and product development. She has worked in Agile teams, Lean Startups and scaled Agile setups for 15 years. She is the founder of the Agile Coaching company Dandy People in Stockholm, and you might know her from the Agile in a Nutshell series of infographic posters.

Besides this, she's a passionate Agile Coach, Facilitator & Trainer coaching people to enable cross collaboration and self management to makes people awesome.

Customer Focus and an Agile Mindset to Navigate in Complexity

What you will learn in this session:

In this session, Mia will talk to you about the trends and strategies on how to organize and lead customer-focused product organizations in a way that makes use of the brain power of cross-functional and autonomous teams that will deliver products and services that users love.

If your boss thinks it is wasteful to bring UX designers into the agile teams, invite him/her to watch this session with you.

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