Michael Ackerbauer

Whole Team Intrapreneur / Change Agent

Michael Ackerbauer is the Whole Team Intrapreneur for IBM HR’s Leadership, Learning & Inclusion organization.

As a member of the Agile Academy, Michael links teams to exceptional leadership and agile practices for extraordinary outcomes for their stakeholders. In that capacity, Michael serves as a consultant to the Leadership & Learning Solutions consultants to craft high impact teams.

Your Social Style is Showing - 4 Keys to better Storming, Norming, and (Out)Performing.

What you will learn in this session:

Michael has a fun style of teaching and engaging his online workshop participants. In this session you will learn about different styles of communication people have and how that impacts the way they show up in meetings. You will learn practical steps to apply to yourself and your remote team in order to help your entire remote team go through the team development stages and outperform any collocated team.

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