Robert Skrobe

Owner + Operator, Dallas Design Sprints

Robert Skrobe is the owner and operator of Dallas Design Sprints, based in Irving, Texas. He's the authority on the virtual design sprint process.

He's also the organizer of the first ever global virtual design sprint (GVDS). The event brought together practitioners, thought leaders and design sprint enthusiasts from Romania, Germany, China, Japan, Australia, South and North America.

Robert also runs the Design Sprint Referral Network, designed to find meaningful employment for facilitators, designers, developers and researchers involved with the design sprint methodology.

How virtual lightning decision jams lead design sprit engagement

What you will learn in this session:

In this session, you will learn how to make decisions quickly without excessive dialog or conversation, how to run your own lightning decision jam for various situations and how to empower your team to own both their decisions and their successes.

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