Alex Kempkens

Head of Lean-Agile Center of Excellence, founder, collaborator

The nature of international and distributed teams, cultures and their needs is something that accompanies Alex Kempkens since he started working as developer back in the early 90ties.

He is working as executive coach today. Within Continental’s business unit for autonomous driving Alex leads a global team within the SW Lean-Agile Center of Excellence. As internal coaches we are contributing to the organizational and cultural changes inside the organization. In the challenging environment of advanced technology & engineering for series production the team is supporting all engineers to adapt the new way of working. Using Lean-Agile values and principles to create fast adjusting practices and still safety compliant processes. With this vision our initiatives provide solutions for a more knowledge worker focused environment in the classic industry.

Alex is 50 years old and lives with his family @ Lake Constance.

What can Managers Unlearn to Become Leaders? 

Scaling agile in distributed organizations requires leaders to emerge from within the organization. Working with multiple organizations in multiple industries, Alex has always had a vision with which he has built high performing and successful global teams over and over.

In his years of experience he has collected many stories about what Taylorism* has trained people to do. Through his stories, Alex will challenge your pre-existing assumptions and will inspire you to truly understand

  • How being persistent fosters unlearning.
  • How patience builds the ground for learning new behaviors.

*Taylorism: the principles or practice of scientific management and work efficiency as practiced in a system known as the Taylor System.

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