Asad SafaRi

Founder of Factful Agility

Asad Safari is one of the most influential people driving the agile movement in Iran. He has led numerous agile transformations in his 14+ years of experience as an Agile/Lean coach. 

He believes in relying on facts and separating facts from fiction as well as societal beliefs of the work culture. Asad has founded a concept called outcome-driven Agile Transformation. 

Outcome-driven Agile Transformation

In this session, Asad will share inspiring and educational stories of his experience as a coach and trainer in Iran to help you find the answers to these three questions:

  1. What can we do to make sure that the transformation fails?
  2. What are the main three types of Agile transformation?
  3. How can we start an outcome-driven Agile transformation?

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