Jeremy Lu

CEO and Co-Founder of GroupMap and TeamRetro

Jeremy Lu CPA, Masters (Ed) is the co-founder and CEO of GroupMap Technology, an online collaboration tool, used in over 40 countries world-wide by global firms such as Deloitte Germany, education institutions including Harvard University, not for profit sectors like Patvocates and International Water Association to make sure the delivery of essential services globally can happen remotely and through digital collaboration. GroupMap Technology also administers an Agile Retrospective and Team Health Checks platform called TeamRetro.

Jeremy is a former lecturer at Curtin University (Western Australia). He has worked
in the Education, Health, Information Technology, Not for Profit and Consulting industries and
enjoys helping people think, work, learn and achieve together.

Jeremy has worked with some of the world's leading digital facilitators and remote teams to answers questions such as "how to humanize the digital experience," and "how to build new teams in a new world."

New World: New Teams

The world as we knew it before 2020 has changed. What do teams of the future look like? What does being agile and operating outside of the norm mean in this new world?

Jeremy will share real life stories of how remote agile teams at world leading organisations such as Herman Miller to startups such as Typewise use technology to build new teams in a new world.

In this session, you get to listen to stories about how technology can help support, empower and engage new remote teams in a new world and how it can ensure velocity, effectiveness and productivity against the challenges of remote working.

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