Laïla von Alvensleben

Head of Culture & Collaboration at Mural

Laïla von Alvensleben is the Head of Culture and Collaboration at MURAL, the leading digital workspace for visual collaboration in the enterprise. She manages a distributed team of 270+ people across multiple continents and time zones and is a champion for the remote-first and hybrid-remote approach to team collaboration, empowering MURAL’s rapidly growing team to successfully work from anywhere.

Laïla’s background is in UX design, having worked on digital product design at Hanno and educational workshops at Hyper Island. She helped create the Remote Starter Kit and is a member of the Remote Work Association, a network that organizes online events to promote location-independent jobs. She has spoken at key industry events including NEXT in Hamburg, The Remote Career Summit 2020, itoday Summit, Running Remote 2020 and Ravensbourne University in London. She is fluent in English, Italian, French and Spanish.

How Remote Teams Use Visual Communication to Strengthen Human Connection

Remote teams can collaborate by exchange of long texts such as emails and wiki pages or short texts such as Slack messages. But there are much more powerful ways to use all of our human senses and accommodate different learning styles. Visual communication is proven to be the most effective way to convey information... believe it or not it is in fact more effective, powerful and memorable than face-to-face exchange of verbal sentences.

Laïla will share her stories of how she fosters camaraderie in a fully distributed organization that is spread from Argentina to Europe.

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