Michael Spayd

Co-author of Agile Transformation: Using the Integral Agile Transformation Framework to Think and Lead Differently

Michael has spent 20 years leading and coaching Agile transformations in widely diverse contexts, while integrating external disciplines such as systemic management, organization and leadership development, culture, and change.

As Agile Coaching Institute cofounder, he trained thousands of Agile coaches. In 2020, he and colleagues launched The Collective Edge. He is coauthor of a long awaited book, entitled "Agile Transformation".

Holding Space for Others in Uncertain Times

The Integral Agile Transformation Framework has brought empowering change to the world of agile. Join this session to listen to personal and professional stories of how this framework has helped dozens of leaders and facilitations around the world to hold space for their remote agile teams. Holding space can simply be the most powerful tool for any online facilitator.

In this session,  you will learn:

  • What does it mean to "hold space" for others?
  • Why is inclusion the most essential element in creating a strong container?
  • How does participating in community allow healing?

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