Celebrating Human Connection in a Digital World!

Charlie Birch

Co-founder, Owner and Director of Program Development at Rebel + Connect

Charlie Birch works with leaders to humanize the remote work experiemce by using retreats as a strategic tool. 

Before joining forces with Rachel and Summer to build Rebel + Connect, I worked remotely as a Data Entry Specialist, Independent Brand Ambassador, Youth Mentor, Executive Assistant, Health Coach, Life Coach, Vice President, and an Advisory Board Member.

Birch holds a BA in psychology and dance choreography and studied dance/movement therapy and body psychotherapy at the graduate level. Additionally, she is a certified life coach, yoga teacher, diversity professional, embodiment facilitator, and life space crisis interventionist. In other words, she has been geeking out on personal and professional development for over 20 years.

In this session you will learn…

  • The skills you need to lead a distributed team effectively
  • Cultural competency: How to create the values and culture you want in your distributed organization
  • Ways to improve communication in your remote team
  • How to create a virtual office in which everyone excels including technical management

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