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Christian Delez

Christian Délez

Agile project leader & coach

Christian Délez is a signatory of the Manifesto for Greatness and cofounder of the Greatness Guild. He works as an agile project leader and coach at RUAG Defense. Christian hacks the culture and introduces new ways of behaving and doing thinks in projects and teams based on the participation base model (a team is stronger and more intelligent than individuals). Christian is a cofounder of the Swiss Association for Responsive Organizations which works on the future of work and on Teal Camp. Christian also volunteer in Happy Melly where members help people love their jobs.

In this session​​​ you will learn…

  • How to create bridges between silos in your distributed organization
  • How to actually create a culture that enables remote work
  • How to create the environment that encourages everyone to thrive for greatness
  • Lots of great resources to deepen your knowledge

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