The impact of Test Driven Development (TDD) on code quality and collaboration of distributed teams 

James Grenning

Co-author of The Agile Manifesto,
Creator of Planning Poker and Author of TDD for Embedded C

James Grenning is the one of the co-authors of the agile manifesto and the founder of Wingman Software.

As his professional roots are in embedded software, he's leading the way to introduce agile development practices to that challenging world.

In fact, in 2001, he authored and published a book named Test Driven Development for Embedded C which has been translated to Chinese, Japanese and Korean. He is a seasoned Extreme Programming coach and trainer who has coached his first XP team in 1999.

James has made a significant contribution to the agile community with his invention of Planning Poker

In this interview you will learn…

  • What Test Driven Development really is and why is it important
  • How distributed teams can build in quality in their code using TDD
  • How to overcome challenges of embedded software development in remote teams​​​​
  • Planning poker, where it comes from and what it is really good for
  • And a whole lot of resources for learning the details of each topic (Premium Access required)

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