People Before Tasks: Facilitating a Successful Remote Meeting By Putting The People FIRST!

Leslie Riley

Leslie Riley

Author. Speaker. Life Enthusiast.

Leslie’s non-linear path has taken her around the world, studying human dynamics and living life to the fullest every minute. She calls herself a "Life Enthusiast" because if there's a challenge most people don't want to tackle...she'll give it a try. From running a half-ironman to taking trapeze lessons, Leslie doesn't know the meaning of the words, "I can't."

She attended the U.S. Military Academy at West Point after high school, spending 4 years pursuing a degree in Portuguese (including a summer program in Brazil, hooking her irrevocably on international travel) before becoming a second lieutenant in the Army. She spent 7 years flying CH-47D Chinook helicopters, including tours in Kosovo & South Korea before finding her true purpose, facilitation & inspirational speaking. The subtitle of her first book, “Penny Perspectives: Let Go of Happily Ever After & Invest in Happily Ever NOW!” beautifully expresses the work she’s here to help people do. Live & love the moment you’re in.

In this interview you will learn…

  • The most important rules of being a facilitator
  • A powerful technique for facilitating more effective meetings
  • How to improve engagement in remote teams when you're the facilitator
  • How to turn your meetings from an energy drag to effective and fun sessions

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