Individual skills that help distributed teams succeed

Lyssa Adkins

Lyssa Adkins

President of Agile Coaching Institute

Lyssa Adkins is a passionate player in the Agile Coaching profession. She develops Agile Coaches to be the skilled and visionary change leaders that their organizations need, and that Agile calls for. In 2010, she co-founded the Agile Coaching Institute to answer that call. Since then, ACI has up-leveled the skills of close to 6,000 Agile Coaches and strategized with their organizations to develop Agile Coaching as a core capability for Agile transformation. She is the author of Coaching Agile Teams, which is still a top-10 Agile book seven years after publication. When you meet, she is likely to truly listen to you.

  • Individual collaboration skills and simple tools you can use to create anything even software
  • A few concrete skills to help you become a great remote worker
  • Coaching and facilitation techniques to set up every virtual meeting for success
  • How to coordinate asynchronously in order to collaborate remotely

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